Danny Boy Duet

Dad got out the harmonica I gave him for Christmas in 1981, (he had the date written inside the front cover), and played a couple of songs for us during our post Christmas brunch visit. He’s only played for us a handful of times over that period, or altogether for that matter, so it was a rare treat.

One of mom’s favorite songs for him to play has been Danny boy. I remember she always would cry when she heard Andy Williams sing it on TV when we would watch one of his specials together.

Somehow, we’ve never thought to record him playing before, and I wouldn’t have this time either if Debbie hadn’t reminded me. We’ve never tried to do this before, (obviously, since it’s kind of rough) so it’s not a rehearsed and polished performance by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just an impromptu duet that sprung from my wife’s suggestion that we record my dad playing. (And me whistling along).

So, just another window into the Henderson clan that folks might not have known about. Dad was a song leader at the Ft. Oglethorpe Church of Christ for probably around 20 years. He’ll be turning 80 next year, so hopefully, I’ll be gathering songs, stories and memories to share with family and loved ones to commemorate the occasion.


About wsvp

I am the owner of WARP Speed Video Productions. We've been producing great videos for almost 2 decades now. Find more about us at our site, which is www.warpspeedvideo.com. I also work as a videographer for a network affiliate station in Chattanooga, Tn. I am happily married to Debbie Bowman-Henderson, and have 2 step-sons Jeffrey and Jackson Bowman. We are Christians and active in our Church which is Brainerd Baptist. I am a graduate from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, with a BA in Communications. I served in the Army as an officer in the Field Artillery and in the Signal Corps. I played drums in high school and college bands, and in 5 other gigging bands throughout the years. I was a competitive bodybuilder in years past, and still enjoy fitness and weight training. My latest passion has been for cycling, and have been cycling for transportation, fitness and fun for the past 6 years.
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