Ashley and Debbie Ceremony Highlights

This video is the first play video on our wedding DVD, which leads to the main menu. I converted the background video to black and white, to create a better contrast to the cutout still elements, (also used as artwork for the DVD case cover), which are layered over the video.

Obviously, our wedding was shot in 4:3 aspect ratio, as I wasn’t sure about all of the cameras involved, (since I couldn’t shoot and be the groom at the same time!) and being 4 years ago, was just not comfortable making the switch to 16:9 for an event such as this. Therefore, I created the softbox for the 4:3 video to sit within the 16:9 background.

Also, credit must go to School Days Photography owner Jerry Johnson, who shot the photos, and allowed us to incorporate them into our video production as well.

I don’t usually go to these lengths, but I wanted ours to be extra special. Of course, if someone else wanted something similar, I could create something along these lines for them as well.

We also had multiple photo montages, a Love Story, a live action/photo voice over music video bonus segment, as well as approximately 10 extra chapters of honeymoon videos, including a zipline adventure, snorkeling with sea turtles and in a sunken volcano, a luau, and a tour of Maui by boat.

Which is to say, we can create any kind of video you’d love to have, share, enjoy watching again and again, and someday show your kids and grandkids! Just remember, the photos and the video are the only items from your wedding that are going to last, so please, don’t skimp on those to cover the pigs in a blanket.

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About wsvp

I am the owner of WARP Speed Video Productions. We've been producing great videos for almost 2 decades now. Find more about us at our site, which is I also work as a videographer for a network affiliate station in Chattanooga, Tn. I am happily married to Debbie Bowman-Henderson, and have 2 step-sons Jeffrey and Jackson Bowman. We are Christians and active in our Church which is Brainerd Baptist. I am a graduate from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, with a BA in Communications. I served in the Army as an officer in the Field Artillery and in the Signal Corps. I played drums in high school and college bands, and in 5 other gigging bands throughout the years. I was a competitive bodybuilder in years past, and still enjoy fitness and weight training. My latest passion has been for cycling, and have been cycling for transportation, fitness and fun for the past 6 years.
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